Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is a real thing, and it’s way more common than you think.

By: Grace Richey

Like a lot of people, one of my life goals is to travel far and frequently. I would love to go to different countries and make memories. However, I let my anxiety stop me from having these experiences for so long. 

My travel horror story and what I think the cause of my travel anxiety is this- I went to Boston with my best friend to visit her dad. The first night we got there, I got violently ill. And I mean, ~violently~. I had to go to the hospital, do the whole works, and eventually just had to go home. It was scarring, to say the least. Because of that, I became scared of what would happen if I got sick while traveling. I never wanted to relive that experience. 

The next year, when one of my other best friends asked me to go on spring break with her family, I was terrified. I didn’t want to be a burden to their family if I got sick, and I was convinced I would end up in the hospital again. Because of a recent family occurrence and the fact that my brother was going on spring break with friends, this was my best chance at having a real spring break. Though scared, I went. I didn’t get sick, and I had the best week. 

Time and time again, I get opportunities to travel and I am scared. I have to remind myself that I survived the worst, I’m still here, and I can do anything now. So, time and time again, I go on trips. And I have awesome experiences that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss for the world. 

Travel anxiety is a real thing, and it’s way more common than you think. If you feel anxious before a trip you really want to take, remind yourself that it will be ok, and if it is a bad trip you will get home eventually. Traveling creates life experience, and we can’t let our anxiety hold us back from living life to the fullest.

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