Tips For School Anxiety

By: Grace Richey


If you don’t know what a mandala is, it’s an intricate drawing with lots of details and patterns. There’s coloring books full of them at bookstores, or you can print them out online. Some people like to keep them in their backpack to pull out when they start to feel anxious in the school day. The idea is that when you’re focusing on all the little details, it’s supposed to take your mind off of whatever is making you anxious. And it works!

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Using aromatherapy.

This may seem over the top for a school day, but hear me out. Places like Bath and Body Works sell scents such as Stress Relief or Calm. Products range from hand sanitizers to lotions to pillow sprays. Applying these to some of your supplies may help calm you down throughout the day.

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Have someone you can talk to.

Having one or two friends who know what’s going on and how to help you through anxious moments is really beneficial when anxiety sneaks up on you in a classroom full of people. Just let them know during a free moment that you have anxiety and how they can help you in those times. You’ll be thankful in the future to have someone who can be there with you. 


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