Through Adversity To the Stars

Through Adversity To The Stars

If you’re here, you’re dealing with something. Neglect, depression, abuse, addiction, stress… the list goes on. These different struggles might seem incomparable with one another. You might feel like you’re completely alone, like you’re dealing with an incurable disease that no one has. But no matter what you’re struggling with, you’re not the only one struggling. Even though everyone’s struggle is unique, we’re all still fighting a battle we think we can’t win.

If you feel broken, it’s okay. The struggles that you have don’t define who you are. They’re only a testimony to your strength.

In Through Adversity To The Stars, we hope that you can draw strength for the journey ahead, regardless of what you’re dealing with. Suicide isn’t the answer for many reasons: You’re too valuable to lose. You’re necessary. You have a purpose to fulfill. You deserve to live your life to the fullest.

We won’t pretend like we completely understand what you’re going through. But we can promise you that support is available, and that we know you are capable of walking through this storm in your life. If you need someone immediately, please check out our hotlines page. If you’re looking for solace for what you’re dealing with, read on.