Spring = New Beginnings

By: Grace Richey

Finally, spring is here! That means summer is almost here, school is almost over, and the sun is out. A lot of times, spring symbolizes a sort of blank page. The cold air and cloudy skies are gone, and things seem more upbeat. I think we should take advantage of this feeling.

As far as schoolwork goes, it is easy to get unmotivated around this time of year. However, a different mindset to take on is to finish the school year strong. Yes, finals are hard, and the thought of summer right around the corner is tempting, but if you think about it in regards to having just a little bit longer to go and to work hard until the end. It will feel so much more productive to end the year on a good note then to head into summer with a feeling of regret.

In addition, now is a good time to take charge of your mental health. Fresh season, fresh start. I encourage you to find new ways to take care of your mind or to start by reaching out to someone if you are struggling. A great way to clear your head this time of year is to take a walk outside (if you don’t have allergies). How can you keep your stress to a minimum? Do you need to reach out to someone? Or, is there a friend you want to check in on? Now is the time!

It is so easy to take the changing of the seasons for granted, but I think we should recognize this as an opportunity. Happy spring!

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