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The Silence Ends Here.

No longer will we idle by as people are suffering from their burdens. There are no excuses.

81% of those who attempt suicide reveal to someone what they are planning. We understand what this means, right? This means that most of the time, we fail as loved ones to address the situation for what it is: someone we care about is planning to end their life.

Maybe we’re afraid that once we address the problem, it becomes real. The problem is already real and manifesting, whether we pay attention to it or not. Ignoring suicidal thoughts in ourselves and loved ones is just like ignoring any physical injury. It only gets worse.

The more we discuss our issues, rather than hiding them from the world, the more we will realize that we aren’t alone. The world is filled with both people like us and people who can help us. There’s nothing to gain in the shadows; there’s nothing to lose in the light.

We’re starting a movement. We’re joining hands and eradicating the stigma around mental health. We’re diving into the truths everyone tries to ignore. We’re spreading the message that dark days are only a part of our journey, not the final destination. We’re guiding teens hiding in their misery to a brighter place, and we’re showing them that seeking the help that they’re so afraid of eases so many of their burdens. We’re changing lives. We’re saving lives. Will you join us?

Here’s How You Can Support Our Cause:

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  2. Write For Us! We’re looking for diversity in experience and thought on our blog, and we know you’d be a perfect fit. Stories of struggles you’ve overcome, interviews of inspirational people, or even current event pieces on mental health awareness and suicide prevention are all awesome! Email admin@compassmovement.org with questions and submissions
  3. Attend and spread the news about our events! Every month we hold an open discussion event at the Ocee Library. The discussions are comfortable but informative and are about breaking stigmas surrounding mental illness, creating a more compassionate environment, seeking help, and mental health. You’ll always hear about them in advance on our social media.