Interviewing Damien: On Anxiety, Pressure, and Advice for LGBTQ+ Community

Roba:  Hey Dameion, thanks for sitting down to talk with me today. How are you?
Dameion: I’m great, thanks for having me!
Roba: Ok, so you obviously know why we’re here today, I just wanted to gather insight on your experiences on anxiety, and maybe help other readers learn how to handle things like these feelings. So the first question I’d like to ask you is what is anxiety to you, and what helps you from time to time?
Dameion: Really what helps me is, breathing and just thinking of the future. Even when the future seems cloudy and hazed, and it’s always easy to think that there’s no light left, but the hope is my best friend sometimes. Just zooming out of things and understanding the bigger picture of things helps me by a long shot.
Roba: What are the things in life that really drive your anxiety and mental state over the edge, and what has these feelings taught you about yourself?
Dameion: Really what scares and worries me a lot in life, is that I’ll never ever find love because I feel like I’m not good enough or I’m just too much for someone. And I feel like everyone feels like they’re too much for someone from time to time, but it’s something that really gets to me, and with these thoughts in my head I worry that I’ll basically die alone, which in fact is very sad, and can really mess up your head. And the fact that I’m gay makes it harder and being African-American makes it even harder, so I always have something to worry about. It just makes me stronger. But in regards to never finding love, I’ve convinced myself that if the right one is meant to come, they’ll come. And that seems to hold me up for a bit.
Roba: That’s really powerful Dameion. If you could change one thing in our current society what would it be?
Dameion: These days there’s just so much pressure put on kids, now than ever. Whether it’s peer pressure (in regards to sex, drugs, or alcohol), academics, or being cool; it’s just really draining. I feel like if people could just take the time to just breathe; just be aware of things around them, instead of being glued to a little iPhone and understand that the complexity of things really isn’t even complex at all, then maybe just maybe the world could be a better place.
Roba: Do you have any advice for in the closet teens all across the world?
Damieon: Um… Just know that it’s your life, and in this life, you’re living it for you and no one else. You are just as valid as anyone else and you matter too. Trust me when I say it’s going to get better and that everything is going to make sense really soon. Just hang in there.
Roba: Thank You, Dameion.

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