Interview: Carly Phares

Roba interviewed Carly Phares, a teenage girl facing new battles in today’s day and age. Carly’s story is unique to her, but the circumstances she faces and witnesses are universal. Compass Movement Inc. is all about eradicating stereotypes and barriers between people, and we’re so excited to share Carly’s story on our platform.

RD: How are ways that you’ve overcome sexism, or forms of sexism at the very least?

CP: Personally, sexism has affected me in ways such as cat-calling, unrealistic body standards that plagued my self-image until only recently, and the traditional ideas about women that people around me still believe. We live in a world where some men think they can objectify women and degrade them to only a sexual trope. “Nice t*ts,” I hear, as I ran innocently by. We are not asking for it, we are taken advantage of and our lives will never be the same because of it.

RD: Wow, that must have been hard, I’m sorry you had to go through that.

CP: Yeah it really was.

RD: I know that you personally have a lot of anxiety Carly, so how do you overcome the pain and anxiety when it comes to seeing certain groups in the media being treated unfairly?

CP: I not only recognize the oppression women, including myself, face in my own community- but also around the country and the world. Personally living with white and able-bodied privilege, I believe it is my obligation and duty to stand up for underprivileged women and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

In terms of anxiety, I feel that affects me most in times where I am given the opportunity to stand up for my beliefs but instead I stay quiet. It hurts me beyond belief because the one thing I care most about is being argued right in front of me but the anxiety holds my tongue from speaking up. What helps me with my anxiety is understanding that I’m not alone, no matter what I do. Whether you are gay, straight, black, white, Democrat, Republican… etc, in the end, it’s not what truly matters. You are loved.

Carly’s story and beliefs touch on our key beliefs as a nonprofit. We hold no opinions except for what’s seen on the homepage, and we don’t shy away from different perspectives. What matters is discussion, and forming connections despite differences we face. 

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