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Who you are, is one of the few things in life you can’t change. Who you are is your identity and makes you wonderfully you. And no one should ever make you feel ashamed of who you are, or what you love, or what you stand for. Trust me, things may seem dark and confusing but it’ll pass, like everything in life.

I’m a gay black teenager, and I always knew who I was, and at first I never was ashamed of it, I just thought it was the norm for me. But when I started to get a bit older the kids in my class did too, and unfortunately used the word “gay” as an insult for someone who just happened to have a higher voice than most, and was interested in theatre arts. Which just so happened to be me. All the rude remarks i’d always get made me question who I was as a person, and made me hate my identity. I wanted to change myself because of the kids who would bully me, or I would try and suppress my individuality because of a stupid crush to think of me normal. All these things were so draining, and one thing led to another and it turned out I was just depressed because I was trying to be like everyone else when I realized, that i’m a beautiful creature and I deserve to be happy just like everyone else.

If you are going through the same problem or something similar regarding your identity, I need you to know that you are perfect just the way you are. And if you like someone or want to join a friend group and you feel yourself having to change who you are than those people aren’t a good fit for you. Just remember everything will one day pass, so be strong. Hang in there. I love you.