Five Beautiful Places in the United States

1.Grand Canyon

Located for Arizona, the Grand Canyon is known for its dry climate gorgeous, rocky landscape. Viewpoints include Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station and architect Mary Colter’s Lookout Studio and her Desert View Watchtower. Lipan Point, with wide views of the canyon and Colorado River, is a popular, especially at sunrise and sunset.

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2.Niagara Falls


The Niagara Falls are located in New York, and just barely touch Canada. Since its formation 12,000 years ago, Niagara Falls has been a destination for world explorers, honeymooners and daredevils alike.

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3. Smoky Mountains


The Great Smokies are a gorgeous mountain range in Tennessee. It’s America’s most visited national park. With dozens of trails and great diversity in wildlife, the Smokies are a fantastic place to keep revisiting, even if you’re looking for a different experience.

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4. Yosemite

The Yosemite National Park is located in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Perhaps the most famous national park, Yosemite’s known for its old, giant sequoia trees, its granite cliffs, and Tunnel View. I’ve personally never been, but I’ve heard amazing things.

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5. Muir Woods

Another national park in California, Muir Woods is known for it’s towering and ancient sequoia trees. These trees are seriously massive and indescribable, and definitely worth checking out.

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