“It was acts of compassion and kindness that were able to break through the darkness... and remind me that there were people who cared for me. It was their actions that muted my internal destructive voice and shouted boldly the message... “Your life does matter and the world will be fundamentally different without you.”
                                                       -a survivor of depression  (themighty.com)

Life's tough enough as it is. It's even harder when we don't help each other. Nowadays, it’s easy for people to forget their worth. Society leads us to feel like we are valued for what we achieve, and not who we are. This line of thought can lead to people harming themselves in irreversible ways. Just imagine how many lives we could alter and save if we acted with purpose and compassion.

What if we put aside the roles we’ve assigned to people and began to see things in their perspective? What if we made it a goal to make people feel loved and valued every single day?

At Compass Movement, we believe the best way to prevent suicide is to not only let people know that their struggles are heard and valid. We should actively be creating a space without any factors (like bullying, indifference, ignorance) that might lead someone to end their life, and we should break barriers between one another to create a community everyone is a part of.