When my friends are suffering or I witness someone being mean to another person, my heart aches for them. At Compass Movement, we talk a lot about why being kind does not mean you are weak, and how you have to be bold and sometimes brutally honest about your society for kindness to really have an impact. This is so true with bullying.

We once had a program at my school where we talked about 10 seconds of insane courage- basically just doing the thing you fear. In 10 seconds, walk away from the person bullying you. In 10 seconds, block their number. In 10 seconds, tell your friend you need to tell her something. You can do anything for 10 seconds! And for the person that you are helping, even if it’s yourself, that 10 seconds could mean a world of difference.

Bullying is a serious issue, but by using kindness to be bold, and utilizing just 10 seconds, we can help a lot of people.
We invite you to dig deep and reach out to someone you know that’s being bullied, or seek help for yourself if that person is you. If it’s too hard to talk to the people around you, here are some helpful resources. Do not hesitate to use them. They are there for you, and seeking help is nothing to ever feel embarrassed about.



Stop Bullying | get help now:

Hopeline : 1-800-442-HOPE