Asking For Directions

Asking For Directions

It's always hard opening up about our problems. We're afraid of the labels people might place on us, or the stigmas that follow. It's for this very reason that thousands of teens across the world have been driven to the point of suicide; they feel forced to carry their burdens on their own.  It's never easy to ask for help, and we completely understand that. But it's even harder to struggle on your own in the dark.

We've compiled a list of text and call hotlines available for urgent or non-urgent matters on the home page. There are even more resources available with a quick google search. Nowadays there's always some person or organization to reach out to, so we promise you're not alone. We care about you more than you know, even if we don't know you personally. Your life matters and your life purpose exists. You make the world a brighter place, and we're so sorry if you've forgotten that.

Most of all, we aren't saying these things because we want our website to be rosy and perfect. We want to talk about the problems that are difficult to talk about because that's the only way to solve them. We're saying these things because we know, without a doubt, that they're true. Your life is more valuable than you know, and more than anything, we want you to realize that your life and purpose is far greater than your struggles. For this very reason, we strongly encourage you to seek the help you need so you can continue to make this world a more beautiful place.