A Simple Guide To Meditation

Written By: Grace Richey


Minute 1- Don’t think at all. Just sit there. No thoughts, no brain traffic. Just be.

Minute 2- Focus on what you’re thankful for. Be thankful that you can breathe. Be thankful that you have the ability to take time for yourself. Meditate on those good things. It may sometimes seem like nothing is going right, but focusing on the blessings that you do have make all the difference.

Minute 3- Invision that screen with all your apps. Except the apps are all the different factors in your life, good and bad. Now, you are in control. Simply delete those apps that are stressing you out, making you sad, or just bringing nothing good into your life. When you come out of your meditation, they might still be present in your life. But in these minutes, you deserve to be free of those things.

Minute 4- Think of what makes you happy. This could be an ideal day, your favorite destination, or what you hope for your life. Remind yourself that this life is yours. You can make your ideal life for yourself. It may not be right now, but you can do it. The future is yours.

Minute 5- Take another minute to just be. Breathe. You can do this. One day at a time, you will get where you want to be. So take this minute to just not think at all. Everything will come in its due time, so you don’t need to be stressing about it this minute.

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